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Message on device and can't get it working


Message on device and can't get it working

I have an older extender but it worked on previous router/modem from Spectrum. Got a new modem/router from Spectrum and it didn't work. I reset. I then went to Netgear and was able (on the third try) to register/upload it. I assigned it a name and created its password. I loaded it on my device with the correct info.


Now my device (a tablet) tells me "401 Unauthorized" Access to this resource is denied, your client has not supplied the correct authentication.


Just where the heck do that? In my settings the Configure IP is on automatic, Configure DNS is on automatic, Configure proxy is off.


Any assistance is appreciated.

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Re: Message on device and can't get it working

What spectrum router? Not all play nicely with extenders

Did you set it up using the push button WPS option? 

If so, factory reset the extender  and set it up using the installation assistant.

To factory reset, push and hold the reset button for 7-15 seconds while powered on. 

Here's a video of how to use the assistant. 


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