Model EX 2700 Wifi Extender


Model EX 2700 Wifi Extender

I have set up my Wifi Extender to the existing modem in my home. Recently my wireless server sent me another modem which required a new Network Name and Password. Do I need to reset the Extender to be compatible with this new modem? If so, how do I do that? I cannot find any instructions either in the booklet or online. thanks!!

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Re: Model EX 2700 Wifi Extender

I’m at work and can’t check the manual, but from memory you should be able to use a wireless capable computer to associate with the extender WiFi, you will probably see a ‘limited connectivity’ warning because the computer will not pick up an IP address. You should however still be able to open a web browser and point to, which will then ask for login details, which I assume you know?


If you don’t know login details then you will need to factory reset the extender. You can download the instruction manual, go to the ‘Downloads’ button at the top of this web page.

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Re: Model EX 2700 Wifi Extender

Thanks Andy but this does not work. The Extender still reverts back to my original modem and I cannot get it to become in synch with the new modem that I received from my server (which obviously has a new identification). We tried to reset it back to the factory settings and for some reason it still pops up on the computer with the original wi-fi identification. I can't use it if it still wants to connect with the old modem which we no longer use!

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Re: Model EX 2700 Wifi Extender

Hi wernermk,


Please try removing/forgetting the Extender's WiFi network on your computer. Then reconnect to the network.



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When you perform the factory reset, do you push the reset button until the Power LED blinks amber?


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