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Multiple Networks?


Multiple Networks?

I looked but couldn't find answer in documentation.  I set up the extender fine.  It established a new network with the _ext extension.  So my question(s) are

1.  On my device, do I have to sign off/on the two networks (primary and _ext) whenever I move to an area of the home covered by the extender?

2.  If not, do I just leave it on the primary network?  Will it pick up the 'boost' from the extender automatically?

3.  If so, is there a way to make the two on the same network where the extender just acts as a booster and doesn't create another network?

Model: WN3000RPv2|N300 WIFI Range Extender
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Re: Multiple Networks?

With your current setup, you will need to manually switch networks in your clients.


You can try setting the extender network name to match the router's network name.  Do that by logging into the extender's network with a PC, and then browse to www.mywifiext.net.  That should take you into extender's web ui.

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