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My AC750 wifi range


My AC750 wifi range

I bought this a few days ago and have been tryig to get it to go over 20 mbps. It is rated for 750 mbps and i have 1GB internet (fiber optic). Any body know how to get this things speed up?


Model: EX3700|AC750 WiFi Range Extender Essentials Edition
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Re: My AC750 wifi range

A couple things. 

1. wifi extenders drop throughput 50% based off what speed their recieving. This is because they have to send and recieve a signal from the router and rebroadcast to devices. And they can do both at once. 

2. 2.4ghz speeds are horrible for most any device. So if you're testing over 2.4ghz, dont expect a whole lot more. 

3. Link speeds aren't throughput speeds. Those "ratings" you see on boxes/routers/extenders are pretty much pointless. this is true of the whole industry. Its a rating system of link speed, not throughput. 

4. positioning. Another error many make is putting an extender in the area they need coverage. An extender needs a decent signal to pickup and then rebroadcast. If you put it where the signal is bad, its not able to recieve a good signal. They need to be about halfway in between where you need the signal and where the router is. 

5. positioning. Theres an added component to this. many stick the extender in 1 spot and don't try other positions. many times things in the walls like hvac/plumbing can block signals. So try moving it around to properly position it. 


I encourage you to look at a few actual speedtests of AC750 devices for comparison. This if for the EX6100 which is an AC750 with tested throughput under optimal controlled circumstances. I'd encourage you to read the whole article for a better understanding of extenders, how they work, and their expected performance.


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