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N300 stopped working


N300 stopped working


my netgear n300 stopped working tonight. I have had inconsistent connection issues but this was the last issue. now I'm stuck.

I had issues on original installation in that I remember i had to reset the password as the router password would not work.

tonight I've tried using the new password and it states it's invalid. it isn't....i wrote it down. all devices would not connect where as they did previously. I've set it back to factory settings and tried to connect again. it find the router but I can connect with any password. I'm assuming the password should again now be that of the router. this time i can't reset the password as www.mywifiext.net doesn't display the log in screen. I assume this is where I previously reset the password.

can anyone help before I smash it to pieces?


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Re: N300 stopped working

Hello LekyUk


Have you tried to use the Ip address of the extender to connect to the settings page? you can typically find the Ip address in the attached devices of the router.



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