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Need 1 device: wifi adapter and mu-mimo access point


Need 1 device: wifi adapter and mu-mimo access point

I'm looking for a device that will be connected to my win10 box.


It will act as a wifi adapter.  Like any normal cheap-o wifi adapter, I'll have to use my win10 box to log into my hotel's wifi (requires hitting a web page, putting my hotel room and last name).  There are no hard access points to the hotel's network (ie. I won't be able to run an ethernet cable from anything else into my equipment).


It will also allow me to set up a my own local wifi (MU-MIMO) so that things like my HomePods, AppleTV, etc, will be able to hit a known SSID and will all be on my own little intranet ... those devices on that intranet can access the internet.


Which class of device do I need?  Will one of netgear's WiFi extenders allow me to do these things?



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Re: Need 1 device: wifi adapter and mu-mimo access point

So, at the risk of answering my own question:  I solved this.


It required two pieces of gear, rather than one, but so be it.


  1. I used an AC1900 adapter connected to the win10 box via USB to get access to the hotel wifi as per normal.
  2. I had an unused Orbi sitting around (long story).  Don't need the mesh part, but I know it'll broadcast an SSID and is MU-MIMO capable.  So, I plugged that into the same win10 box via ethernet and set it up as such.
  3. I then went into the network control panel, selected both adapters (the AC1900 and the Orbi), and 'bridged' the two of them, and voila, worked like a charm.


Now, all my misc devices (HomePods, iPhone, iPad) can join the Orbi broadcast SSID.  They can see each other on my own little intranet, and they can all go out to the internet.



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