Need help with two routers


Need help with two routers

I have a cax30 and an mk63. Can’t get access to the mk63 router. Tried, that goes to cax30. Tried, goes nowhere. The nighthawk app doesn’t enable any advanced features. What to do? How to get access to the mk63??
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Re: Need help with two routers

Is the MK system in access point mode? 

Otherwise you're in a double nat


if you're wanting to use both systems, put the MK system in access point mode. 

Disconnect it from the CAX and reboot the mk system. Then connect a device to the mk system (without it connected to the cax) and go to routerlogin . net  or its ip address. then put it in access point mode and reconnect it to the CAX.

It'll reboot. Then you should be able to log into the CAX's attached devices page and find the MK systems IP address. 

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