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Re: NetGear CGD24G8D


NetGear CGD24G8D

when i restart netgear CGD24G8D my network is encrypted with wpa2... is that normal? i cant access the router... 😕
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Re: NetGear CGD24G8D

either someone has setup with default encryption key..

these units is ISP provided (branded firmware) unit so they may have default encryption that they provide to customer or you just need to login the unit and change it.

even login user/pass and is not same as netgear default so suggest contact ISP support
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Re: NetGear CGD24G8D

hmmm... well on the back of the AP says one MAC and in inSSIDer says totaly different...

MAC on back 0026F227558E
MAC in inSSIDer 0026F2235BC2

and default password field is not filled...and yet it says WPA2 .. i had to restart it because i forgot my old pw.. 😕
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Re: NetGear CGD24G8D

likely those are WAN side of mac address so it will show different ..

mac address is not encryption anyway so you are even remotely close to WPA2 anyway

default password does not sounds like WPA2 related.. default password are related to router interface

CALL YOUR ISP and ask for help
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