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NetGear Extender 3rd Party Scam

Was Having trouble getting Extender to work. Logged into what appeared to be a legit netgear site. It hand a phone number to call. Told him my situation and he did get my extender up and working after allowing him to log into computer. I ask if he was from Netgear he said no we do work for netgear. He then proceeded to show me many so called foriegn IP addresses that had got into to modem. He said it was draining my data and I needed to protect myself and he could do that. Cost to clean computer up, and protect Viasat wifi security with firewall around $300 for lifetime agreement on all devices. That was Dec 29th. Had another issue relating to Norton 360 billing in an email that I did not want taken out. Another words I was not interested. He said he needed access to my computer to get if off my computer and also to credit my account. This called ended when he wanted me to log into my online banking. No freaking way! Called back the Company that I bought the Lifetime agreement and he stated all my drivers were messed up and needed repaired and that this would cost additional $200 being I left the Norton scam man on my computer and it would then cancel my original agreement and need to be a new agreement. I believe both of the these are scammers and will be calling the last Company back tomorrow Monday for a refund. And also filing a complaint with BBB in Texas. The Company is Technist Solutions. It appears anytime you have a problem they will want more $$$. And I read the invoice this time and it was not lifetime but 3 years! I will not trust anyone again and will never give anyone permission to gain access over WIFI. Nothing but theft and misrepresentation, and they show you on your screen the problems and circle it in red! So convincing! I imagine those foriegn IP Addresses were when I was using IPVanish on my Computer? Anyone Else Fall For this?
Model: EX3800|AC750 WiFi Range Extender Essentials Edition
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Re: NetGear Extender 3rd Party Scam

Hi joe0499, you can always reach our official support team via the link below if you need any technical assistance with your NETGEAR device.


You can also call the number below.


1-888-NETGEAR (1-888-6384327)

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