Netgear 1200 wall plugin issue


Netgear 1200 wall plugin issue

I bought this just a few months ago (and I see warrant for help after a few months is no longer supported >_< ) and it started to give me issues. It not giving me the speed it was giving me when I just bought it. I'm suppose to be getting up to 200mb, but it only giving me 40. But now, it only giving 10-15 Smiley Indifferent I unplugged it and replugged in, i hit the reset button and factory reset and it still being crap. It will sometimes disconnects me and I have to plug out and then back in. It has three lights on, from top to bottom, green, green and red.


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Re: Netgear 1200 wall plugin issue

AC1200 is a speed rating, not a model.  Can you give us the model number? 

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