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Re: Netgear AC750 versus Nighthawk


Netgear AC750 versus Nighthawk

I'm upgrading some Wifi in home and purchased an at&t home modem ....I'm tethering it over to another room to an AC750 Wifi Router.  In this room the used electronics are less than 10' from the router.  I'm getting full signal and some of the items will be hard wired to the router.  I've had a lot of Netgear items before and this time I purchased the basic unit.  I wonder if there is any advantage on going up the line with routers.   I have purchased high end models and not sure that just the basic unit wouldn't do the trick.  I'm getting away from the satelite internet and it had a basic router built in.   Here's a pic of my set up....

Model: EX6000|AC750 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Netgear AC750 versus Nighthawk

Hi @machinery-man,

                                 There is no much difference except few additional features and performance.

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