Re: Netgear EX6100 Extender not working properly


Netgear EX6100 Extender not working properly

I have had this extender for close to a year and I never had any problems with it. I just recently switched Internet providers and now the extender will not work.

I have tried resetting the extender several times, I have also updated the firmware to the lates version. I have checked and rechecked my router to make sure it is not causing the problem and it is not.

All of the lights on the extender work as well.

I can set up the extender with no problem, I can even connect devices to it.

I have a few devices that can see the extender but when they connect to it they cannot connect to the internet and i have one device that see the extender but will not connect to it at all.

Do any of you know a possible fix for this? Feel free to ask questions if you need more info.

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Re: Netgear EX6100 Extender not working properly



Which router is connected to your EX6100?

Can you login to your router and reserve an IP address for your extender using the MAC address?

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