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Netgear Extender disrupting wifi connection


Netgear Extender disrupting wifi connection



I have spent the past 12 weeks diagnosing why my broadband was sporadically slow and eventually, with the help of BT and process of eliimination, it was rooted to a Netgear Wifi Extender model WN2000RPT-100 V3.


The reason it took so long to diagnose is my auxilliary connections (PC, mobile, laptop, android and TV) DON'T need to be connected via the Netgear to lose signal. If the thing is simply "ON" it disrupts the network and slows all wifi connections, whether connected through the extender or directly to the router. So, I have been testing and eliminating with the Netgear switched "on" most of the time.



Via a PC:


  • Via the BT Router (Hub 6 - latest) it only has 2 bars connection (out of 5, because of the distance from the router). Download speed: 33mbps.
  • Via the BT Router but with the Netgear simply turned "ON". Download speed: 10mbps.
  • Via the Netgear Extender (5 bars as it's half way between my pc and the router). Download Speed: 18mbps




Any help would be appreciated before I chuck the Netgear away!!


Cheers team


Peter (Gizago)



Model: WN2000RPTv3|WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Netgear Extender disrupting wifi connection

Welcome to the world of range extenders.  They work by re-sending (aka repeating) everything they receive.  Most models will do this on the same channel.  This means that the effective speed of that channel will roughly be cut in half.  


You can try to find an extender that will use separate channels for sending and receiving, but frankly I would stay away from them altogether and go with a wired Access Point.  That may not be practical for you but it really is the best option.  Of course, there's also the Orbi, which uses a separate, dedicated channel for communicating with the satellites.  It's expensive but many people swear by it.

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