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Re: Netgear Sucks...

Netgear Sucks...

This company suuuuuucks! That's why my speeds say 215mbp then I test on computer and its 20mbs. This company sucks try a different one. They're firmware is shìt...
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Re: Netgear Sucks...

Try providing information about your configuration and someone may be able to help.  Hardware type and firmware version would really help.  Personally, I have had good luck with Netgear products.  

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Re: Netgear Sucks...

Why you gonna make a shìt router better? Lmfao
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Re: Netgear Sucks...

Try making a better router....
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Re: Netgear Sucks...

Or like @No1Mportnt says, it could be a configuration issue. 

This is the public support forum. Where members of the public try to help others. 

We're not netgear. 

So the "make better routers" really doesn't help you or netgear even slightly. 


so if you want help to fix your issue, actual details about your setup like:

Router and firmware version its on.

Extender and firmware version:

What modem you have

How you're testing (app, wireless, wired, what band, what website, what device using)

and any other pertinent data to help us help you. 



If you're coming just to vent, thats fine to but netgear isn't seeing this as moderators a rare on here. 

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also in AP setup: RAXE500->EAX80
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We’re members of the public helping out on our own time.
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