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Netgear Tech Support is Dead!


Netgear Tech Support is Dead!

Used to, Netgear was my goto networking products for years because of their tech support and solid products.  Have you tried calling tech support lately?  SUCKS!


I was transferred so many times I lost count. At some point...I could hear pots and pan rattling, and screaming kids in the background.  After calling back, the rep assured me they'd call back if disconnected...uhh guess what.  NOT!


I purchased a brand new EX7000 extender that was basically DOA.  I got a replacement from Best Buy, but ran across a different issue as I dove into the inner wokings.


That issue is Virtual MAC Address assignments on the extender.


Question 1)  Why?  Cannot find find out why it INSISTS on assigning virtual MAC addresses.

Questio 2) Why can't I turn it off?


Pretty straight forward questions...


I'm thinking about dumping Netgear, and going with Asus which my friends kept telling me.  Why should I pay premium prices, and get CRAP for support?



Model: EX7000|AC1900 Nighthawk WiFi Range Extender
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