Re: Netgear WN604 Access point install


Netgear WN604 Access point install

Hello all!


I have a wifi home network setup. My PC is physically connected to the router, however all other systems connect via wifi.

My hous is large and L shaped. The master bedroon is on the far side of the L and the eouter is in the middle..

However, wifi signal is not the greatest, and I have even tried using a plug in extender, with not much success.

I am now also using ROKU in the bedroom, and it is connected to wifi, service is slow...

I have run a CAT5 cable from the router through the attic to the bedroom..

I want to connect the CATS5 from the router to the access point, and the ROKU to the access point with cable).

Then I would like to access my home wifi thru the access point....

I am trying to follow the install directions, but I have only got to the part where I connect the access point to my PC, and then power up the

access point. I then open browser and type HTTP://

But I get: This webpage is not available...


Thanks in advance for your help!



Sacramento, CA USA

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Re: Netgear WN604 Access point install

Hi ESA1178,


Were you able to set a static IP on your PC then connect an ethernet from WN604 to your computer?

For static IP:

See page 12 of 70 on the manual:



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