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Netgear genie Wifi Range Extender


Netgear genie Wifi Range Extender

Also using Netgear router 7000.

I bought a Fire tablet from Amazon. The tablet is able to request and receive an IP address from router but cannot pass data thru Extender to router.  Any help

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Re: Netgear genie Wifi Range Extender

your post was very brief. Its hard to help off limited data. 

1. what router do you have? There's multiple routers or modem/router combo devices with 7000 in them. 

2. what firmware is on that router? 

3. what modem/gateway is the router connected to? 

4. What extender did you buy? 

5. what method of setup did you use? 

6. "Cannot pass data through". what error are you getting? Whats actually happening? 

7. What are the led's on the extender doing? (color/blinking/etc for all of them)

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