Re: Network connected via WN3000RP VERY SLOW


Network connected via WN3000RP VERY SLOW

Hi all,

I bought this Universal WiFi Extender early this year around February. Up until last week it has been working fine without any issues at all.

I now have the following problem:

Webpages load VERY SLOW and sometimes not all when I am connected to the NETGEAR_EXT wireless network via this WiFi extender. This occurs intermittently and then things go back to normal again after about 10 - 15 mins. However, this is a constant issue and happens daily which is causing extreme annoyance.

I have noticed the LED light for the Link Rate Status is flashing between Orange and Red. This is probably indicating that there is some issue on my network or the device itself.

My current setup:

I have a Billion 7800 router modem connected to the phone line at the average of 10 Mbps so I have a pretty good connection. This router is currently operating without any issues and all other devices when connected directly to this modem via LAN operate normally.

I have the WN3000RP connected to a wall socket in one of my rooms and I have a desktop pc which uses a Billion WiFi adapter connected to one of my USB ports. This desktop is connected to the NETGEAR_EXT network via the WN3000RP.

So far I cannot think of why this issue is occurring. I am confident that the ISP is NOT at fault since everything is ok on the router's end.
How do I determine that it some sort of interference that is affecting my network and how do I rectify this problem?

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Re: Network connected via WN3000RP VERY SLOW

What's interesting is that on my WIFI connection on my desktop pc, status reports it as 'Excellent' and is connected with all green bars lighted up.
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Re: Network connected via WN3000RP VERY SLOW

note that the real issue is the WIFI connection on the wn3000rp to the router. Some routers jumb back n forth between 20mhz and 40mhz channels. the 40mhz is the Wireless N, and used for the 144mbps+ speeds. Or try antenna positions on the wn3000rp. one horizontal, one verticle. don't point them at your target. they broadcast out the side. google for some images of wifi signal shapes. most are like a donut.
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Re: Network connected via WN3000RP VERY SLOW

I had exactly the same problem with my WN3000RP. At a certain part of the day the link rate is orange/red. This happens sometimes, but not always

Only thing is the bandwidth I can choose from in the menu of the router is 20/40Hz (automatic) or 20 Hz.

Will link between the router and extender be better or stable if I put it on 20 Hz instead of 20/40Hz ??
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