New Home Network Suggestion


New Home Network Suggestion

Hi All,


Apologies in advcnce if I am posting this message in wrong group.


I am currently using RBR50 & RBS50 at my home as Wifi Mesh system. It works perfectly fine though sometime my Satellite lost connection to main unit and after few tries it works fine.


I am moving to new bigger house now. This house already have inbuilt Eternet Ports setup. Two ports downstairs in different rooms and Two Ports Upstairs in different rooms and other side of these 4 ports are near ISP modem.


I am happy to see this setup as I can use them to connect my laptop computer hard wired for better speed.


Question - Which Netgear Wifi system I should use to build strong Wifi connection in my new house. Is there any Netgear system which I can connect to these inbuilt Ethernet ports so they get IN connection via cable and make wifi-mesh through-out my house.


Thanks in advcnce.

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Re: New Home Network Suggestion

You can use your current system with them. 

What is Ethernet backhaul and how do I set it up on my Orbi WiFi System? | Answer | NETGEAR Support


It works great. Plus you can add additional satellites if needed to expand you coverage. 

Current Setup: CM2000-> RBK750-> GS716v2-> RAXE500-> Pi-hole->
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