Nighthawk EX7300 won't connect to outdoor Nest camera


Nighthawk EX7300 won't connect to outdoor Nest camera


  • Netgear NIghthawk EWX7300 Mesh Extender
  • Nest Outdoor Camera
  • Spectrum RAC2V1K Router

I just purchased a Nighthawk EX7300 to extend my wifi to support an outdoor Nest camera.  I have configured the extender through my computer to have the same wifi name as the rest of my network.  When I plug it in, it goes through the power on cycle and ultimately all light are green.  I place the extender near the Nest camera.  When I try to connect the Nest camera to the network it will show the correct network names, but can't connect to the internet.  I have power cycled the router and reset and reconfigured the EX7300 with the same result.  The Nighthawk app shows four  devices connected to the extender, but none of them is the camera.  The camera works perfectly when placed near the router without the extender plugged in.

Any help you can give me to connect my camera through the extender would be appreciated!

Model: EX7300v2|AC2200 Nighthawk X4 WiFi Mesh Extender
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