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Nighthawk EX7700


Nighthawk EX7700

My Nighthawk X6 AC2200 worked fine for the first couple months until the warranty expired. It then mysteriously stopped working. No help contacting Netgear without paying to have my questions answered. I disconnected and set the system back up again using the app. Looked like I was receiving wifi signal to my router, but instead of extending range to my other wifi connected laptops, the extender basically cut off wifi to my other units. Spent hours trying to figure out the problem. As soon as Net gear is disconnected and unplugged, everything works as it should. This is my second Netgear extender purchased that did not work. Suggestions besides throwing it away?

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Re: Nighthawk EX7700

1. What router are you connecting it to? 

2. What firmware is on the extender? 

3. You said you setup using the app. Did you use WPS or the installation guide? 

If its the guide, try factory resetting and during the install uncheck the "extend 2.4ghz band". 

You'll still be able to use its 2.4ghz but it won't use it for failover. Tends to make it more stable in my experience. 


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