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Nighthawk EX8000 Glitchy

Is anyone not impressed by Netgear's products and customer service? I just paid a lot of money for AC3000 Desktop Extender(EX8000) and after following the directions to set up its glitchy.


1) I called the tech support and they sent me to the wrong person for routers vs. dedicated "extender" team.  Then as I waited on hold and they hung up on me.  I have not received a call back even though they ask for your number in case there is a disconnection


2) After setting up near the router and unpluged to move to a new destination, the "internet LED" light was not lighting up.  So I pressed the power button in the back and waited and put it back on and finally it light came up...flashed on and off but it is remaining


3) The biggest issue is the extender is not doing it's job.  When using it for my son's playstation 4 the internet connection is super glitchy and the extender is failing to do it's job.


Anyone know how to run test and make it not glitchy where the signal is weak but the internet runs smoothly with the extender?


Model: EX8000|AC3000 Nighthawk X6S Tri Band WiFi Mesh Extender
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Re: Nighthawk EX8000 Glitchy

I've got the EX8000 and used it with several routers. Its fairly solid. 

But a lot depends on your setup. 

1. What modem/gateway do you have? 

2. What router is it connecting to? 

3. What firmware is on the extender? 

4. How far from the router is the extender and what are the interior walls made of? (certain materials block wifi)

5. During setup, did you using wps or use the installation wizard? 

6. Have you tried changing the channel you're using as the 5ghz backhaul in case there's interference? 

Current setup: CM2000-> RBKE963B-> Trendnet TEG-S380-> GS716T-> pi-hole
1.4gig download/50mbps upload
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