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Re: Nighthawk Mesh MK62 Satellite Issue


Nighthawk Mesh MK62 Satellite Issue

Hi Guys, new to the forum, so forgive me if this is a repetition on the issue. I've had my system for just over a year now and I have had no issues up until recently. But yesterday the Satellite just disconnected from the router and will not sync back at all. It just displays the red/orange light permanently now. I've tried to factory reset but somehow both deviced manage to retain the information. Kindly advise as to what actions I can take? TIA

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Re: Nighthawk Mesh MK62 Satellite Issue

Update: It appears as though it connects to the router, as it still broadcasts the same Wi-Fi Network name and allows devices to connect, but there is no internet connectivity.

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Re: Nighthawk Mesh MK62 Satellite Issue

What firmware is on the router?

What firmware is on the extender? 

When you factory reset, did you push and hold reset for up to 15 seconds while powered on? 

On both devices? 


If you hardwire the satellite into the router, does it connect? 

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