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Nighthawk R7900P no internet with Xfinity Arris SB6190


Nighthawk R7900P no internet with Xfinity Arris SB6190

I bought and installed an Arris SB6190 and called Xfinity support to get it activated.  All works fine when connected to my laptop via RJ45 and I'm connected to the internet. 


When I connect to the internet port on my NetGear R7900P there is no IP address.  I run through the setup and it says there is no ethernet connected.  When I connect to my laptop and look at network settings it says DHCP and I get a 73.x.x.x range address.  If I release and renew the IP does not change.  I have internet connectivity when connected from the Arris to my Mac.


I've unplugged everything, reboot the Arris and wait a minute.  Boot the R7900P and at that point the internet light is red/amber but no IP address.  I've also tried setting up a static IP address and subnet and still no internet light and no connectivity.


 The SB6190 has software version 9.1.103AA65L.


I have a Linksys switch and when I plug the RJ45 from the Arris to it the network light blinks and comes on.  When connected to the Nighthawk, no network activity on either side.

Model: R7900P|Nighthawk X6S AC3000 Tri Band WiFi Router
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Re: Nighthawk R7900P no internet with Xfinity Arris SB6190

Try this. 

Power off both the modem and the router. Disconnect all cables from both. even coax from modem. let them sit a minute or 2. 

then connect coax back to the modem. power it on. wait a few minutes for it to fully boot. 

then connect lan cable from modem to wan port on router. 

power the router on. give it a couple minutes. 



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