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Nighthawk Range Extender in my Personal Situation


Nighthawk Range Extender in my Personal Situation

Hello everyone. I am considering getting the NightHawk EX 7000 range extender and I’m trying to understand how it will help, as I’ve never had a range extending device before.

We have an internet speed of 250MBps from our internet provider, but it seems like the speed is only 60-70MBps at the spot where the router is (I know this is a cheap router issue). In my room on the other side of the house, I’m only getting a signal of 20-25MBps. If I were to plug the extender into an outlet in my room, will it only be able to provide the strength in the room, but at a longer range? Or is there a chance that the speed will increase, as if I were closer to the router? I’d prefer to have it in my room, since I have a desktop and the Ethernet port would be nice. But if I’m only going to get 25MBps from the extender it may not be worth it...
Model: EX7000|AC1900 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Nighthawk Range Extender in my Personal Situation

It's possible the range extender will connect at a higher speed than a phone or laptop will, since it usually does have a better antenna.


But normally you'd want to place the extender in between the router and the target coverage area, giving you solid connections both to the router and the clients.

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