Nighthawk X6, AC3200 not reccognized by the computer.

Connected the router as supposed to but the computer will not recognize the router even with the Net Gear genie software. Tried turning off the firewalls and switched to a public nertwork. tried Win 10 & 7 on multible computers. Power light keeps blinking but can not update the firmware as the router will not connect to the computer to connect. Install genie says Router not recognized. I connected it by a USB cable and a network cable from main modem also but still no connect.

  Any suggestions??

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Re: Nighthawk X6, AC3200 not reccognized by the computer.

Hello Dfish67629

Are you able to open a web page and go to ?



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Re: Nighthawk X6, AC3200 not reccognized by the computer.

Yes, but it tries to find router but after awhile it says router not recognized.  Time warner Tech was here yesterday and he was unable to get it to work. Also took it to a repair shop and Best Buy and both said to recycle it.  I still have it but I am using A Trendnet router

a freind loaned me which is working fine.

  I guess my NetGear has seen it's better days.

Thanks for responding.  I was able to call a Trend Net Tech and he walked to through the installation. Net Gear would not respond to my e mails or any attempt to contact them. Service is poor. I have 4 other units registered with them but no more.

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