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Nighthawk ex7000 doesn't come up in wifi listings


Nighthawk ex7000 doesn't come up in wifi listings

Hey guys I've been trying to figure this out for the longest. I just recently purchased this extender ex7000 and for some reason it won't come up under the list of wifi devices available. If I were to use my phone, laptop, or xbox it won't come up under the wifi EXT. However if I were to use the that Xfi app that xfinity has it comes up and says it's connected to the internet. When I connect through ethernet from extender to the tv it works. However when I go to login in the extenders ip page it prompts me to login and when I do, nothing happens. It just sits there. I just think it's weird how it won't work wirelessly but will work wired and the device is non existent everywhere except for the Xfi app. Any help will be appreciated thanks everyone.
Model: EX7000|AC1900 Nighthawk WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Nighthawk ex7000 doesn't come up in wifi listings

A couple things. 

1. the EX7000 is a mesh extender. What that means is that is uses the same ssid as the router does. so you won't "see" it as a different device unless you do a manual scan like acrylic or inssider. It lets devices roam between the router and extender as needed.

2. how did you set it up? using wps or using the installation assistant? 

3. when logging in, have you tried a different browser or computer? 

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