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Nighthawk x6s


Nighthawk x6s

Brand new. Bought in April but did not use it until a month ago. Does not work. Cable guys today said I need a mesh router with extenders. Can’t make contact with the company
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Re: Nighthawk x6s

do you mean you have the R8000P? x6s isn't a model. 

What firmware is on it? 

What modem/gateway are you connecting it to? 


you put "does not work". More details are needed than this. 

Does it not work because it doesn't cover your home? Does it not work because it doesn't connect to the modem/gateway? 

What exactly "does not work"? Be descriptive since we aren't there to see whats going on. 


A mesh system expands coverage. Why is the cable guy saying you need one? 

What size is your home? What materials is it made of on the interior walls (certain materials block wifi)?


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