Re: No devices can connect to EX8000.


No devices can connect to EX8000.

I have an EX8000 that I've owned for about 18 months. It has worked (mostly) over that time. Recently, it appeared to stop working so I've been trying to get it to come back to life. I have performed a factory reset a number of times, trying different configurations. I can get the device to connect to my wifi using the Nighthawk app (android). Once the wifi is set up, nothing can connect to the device. I did manage to get a phone on to it following one reset and I turned off OneName (or whatever it's called), given the two channels different names to the router. Nothing will connect to the two new SSIDs. We've tried Android phones, Apple phones, and computers. Nothing can connect. Most often, it just bombs out without any error message. Occasionally, we get 'cannot get IP' or 'password incorrect' even though the password is correct. Once I cannot connect to it, I have no choice but to do another factory reset.


This is not a cheap device so I'm not very pleased that it's stopped working after 18 months. Can anyone suggest any further tests I can do before I'm forced to bin it?

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Re: No devices can connect to EX8000.

Hi @fluffybunnyflip,


We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. Our support team is looking into this issue and would like to work with you.

We would like to endorse you to NETGEAR Level 2 support team for a callback. Please provide the following information:





Preferred schedule (at least 2 days ahead)


Device S/N:


Alternatively, if you wish to be contacted via email only then kindly include your preferred email address.


I am looking forward to your response.




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