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One more WIFI extender to WN2000RPTv3


One more WIFI extender to WN2000RPTv3

I need another WIFI extender to be used downstairs. Upstairs I already use WN2000RPTv3, which I believe is not sold any more in Sweden.

Is there a problem using two extenders and which model should I buy to work with the existing one ?

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Re: One more WIFI extender to WN2000RPTv3

Normally extenders connect to your router, not to each other.  What router do you have (manufacturer/model)?


BTW, one thing to consider is whether you'd be better off in the long run getting a WiFi mesh system like Orbi.  That would be more expensive up front, but would give you much better wifi speeds than you can get with a WN2000RPTv3.

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