Outdoor WiFi extender for EX6110


Outdoor WiFi extender for EX6110

Hi all, can someone recommend an outdoor extender? I have an extender EX6110 in a socket / outside wall of the house, and another extender in my shed which is 15m Max away from house. I am getting a signal in the shed although slow and drops out. Can anyone point me in the right direction to improve signalin the shed. 



Model: EX6110|AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Outdoor WiFi extender for EX6110

What speeds are you getting at the shed? 

And what speeds are you starting with?

Reason I ask is daisy chaining drops speeds a lot and significantly increases latency. 

This happens because each extender drops speds 50% of what it receives because it has to use the same chip to go router----extender and then extender----devices. and it can't do both at once. Plus you have to account for its speeds that its getting is already reduced because of interferference/distance/obstructions. 

So when you daisy chain extenders, speeds can drop quite a bit. 

I'll demonstrate. 

Say you're starting with a 100mbps signal from the router. We'll figure roughly 30% loss in speed because of distance/obstructions.

So the EX6110 is only getting 70mbps. Because thats what it receives, what it sends is only 35mbps. 

If you take that 30% loss for the next hop, the extender is only picking up 25mbps. 

So it can only send/recieve 12.5mbps. 


And that'd be using the 5ghz which has a much faster base speed. 2.4ghz starts from a much lower point because its a slow network. 

Plus each hop adds latency. 


See why daisy chain can cause problems? 

So it'd be good to find out what you're starting with for speeds and what speeds you get at each hop (each extender).

That'll tell you if its performing properly and if adding a different extender might help. 


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