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PLP2000 Distance/connection limitations


PLP2000 Distance/connection limitations

Good Afternoon


I am considering a PLP2000 for our property, and have a question about distance limitations


We have two houses, the main and a guest house

Each house has it's own power service pulled to it.
The power lines from the transformer to each house run about 300 feet going house to transformer to house.


Will this product work in this environment?

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Re: PLP2000 Distance/connection limitations

Theoretically? maybe. 

In practice? I'm betting no.

Reason is this. Powerline tends to be sensitive to any type of influence. Even arc fault/gfci circuit tend to degrade or make connections degrade. Going from an in house circuit--->mains power-->in house circuit is going to have quite a bit of interference. Add in the problem of distance (max distance is usually 200-300 meters) and even if you did get a signal, I'm doubting it'd be usable. 

I've never tried it so I can only go off my experience in dealing with powerline. 

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