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PR2000 Firmware Updates


PR2000 Firmware Updates

PR2000 Range Extender

Firmware Update V1.0.0.17_1.0.1

I am unable to implement the update according to your instructions as I cannot access the maintenance page on the TREK.

I have connected the TREK LAN socket to my PC using an Ethernet cable, switched the TREK to wired

I then open a browser and search for and the TREK then returns the error message:-

No Ethernet cable is plugged into the router internet port.

If I connect the Ethernet cable to the Internet/Lan socket I get the same error message.

I have previously set the TREK to work in range extender mode which it does and still is working OK.

Can you explain what I am doing wrong or what is not working.

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Sr. NETGEAR Moderator

Re: PR2000 Firmware Updates

Hello David1946


Try page 19 on the manual 





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Re: PR2000 Firmware Updates

I did not get the answer I needed.

 I have tried the procedure detailed on page 19 but I did not have a connection from the TREK to the modem/router, i.e. I omitted Step 1 for 2 reasons:-

 1) I did not see why a connection to the TREK would be required if I was only updating the TREK firmware and not accessing the internet.

2) I am using the TREK as a range extender and the router is too remote for access.

 Can you please explain why a connection to the internet is necessary when only updating the firmware.



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