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Problems (re)setting up Netgear EX3700


Problems (re)setting up Netgear EX3700

My Netgear EX3700 AC750 had been working fine for quite a while. Today, suddenly nothing could connect to the 2GHz band.

I turned it off, then on, waited for the power and router lights to stay solid green, but the router light never came on. My computer could detect both bands (2GHz & 5GHz), but couldn't connect to the 2GHz one.


Also, with my computer connected to the extender's 5GHz band, I coudn't connect to mywifiext (dot) net. I just got a server/web address not found message in my browser.


So I did a factory reset on the extender. I brought the extender to the same room as my router, did the WPS connection setup per these instructions. While it was going through the setup process, the extender's WPS light was blinking steadily and the router light was coming on and off intermittently. It would stay green for about 10 seconds go off, then come on again. But after about 2 minutes my router's WPS light stopped blinking, the extender's WPS light went off, and the power and router lights were solid green.


At this point my computer listed NETGEAR_EXT as an open, no internet available connection. When I connected to it, the device light went green, but I couldn't connect to the interent (unsurprisingly) and I couldn't connect to mywifiext (dot) net, either.


The above-mentioned instructions said, if my router supports 5GHz, to redo the WPS connection steps, so I did.


After the router's WPS light stopped blinking and the extender's WPS light went out, the power and router lights stayed on. However, I am still only seeing the open NETGEAR_EXT as an available connection (along with my router's connections).


I have gone through the factory reset and setup process twice with the same results.


Am I missing something? What can I do to fix this?

Model: EX3700|AC750 WiFi Range Extender Essentials Edition
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Re: Problems (re)setting up Netgear EX3700

This has been resolved. All I ended up having to do was reboot my router.


Feeling kinda silly right now...

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