Problems with EAX20


Problems with EAX20

So I have a c7000v2 I have been using for years. I replaced an n450 with it. No issues with connectivity other than being slightly out of range at the corners of my house, particularly upstairs. I was previously using a Wn2500 as an extender but it started having issues.

I replaced it with an EAX20 and ever since then…constant problems. I’ve tried separating 2.4 and 5 ssids, which only created new problems. Tried resetting both devices and started from scratch, still problems. Just reset the extender alone, still problems. If I unplug the extender then everything works but not well. Even sitting downstairs by the router, my wifi becomes laggy and spotty with the extender plugged in.

It seems to work great for short bursts, 15 minutes or so. Then problems start. Devices lose connection or can’t connect. Main things that are hardwired have no problems and Alexa devices stay connected. Phones and laptops seem to suffer immensely and I can’t seem to figure out why.

Should I swap out the extender for a different one? Maybe something is more compatible than what I am using?

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Re: Problems with EAX20

A few details help.

1. do you have a screen snip of the cable connections page and event logs? That lets us check the C7000's connection to the isp

2. what firmware is on the eax20?

3. How many sq ft is your home? 

4. what are the interior walls of your home made from? 

5. how far from the router is the eax20 and what walls/floors are in between?

6. You don't need to be online to connect to the eax20 and set it up. If you hardwire in or connect to it wireless, go to mywifiext . net and it'll take you to the installation assistant. If you hardwire in, you might have to disable wifi so its not defaulting back to the wifi connection during setup. 

7. The eax20 has a status page that shows the connection back to the router. when you get it reinstalled setup/get a screen snip of that as well. 

8. another thing you can check is when you're having issues, pull up the routers logs and it'll show the disconnect/reconnect with the extender (if that's what's happening"


Hint: event logs and logs are different. Ones for the modem, the other is router side. 

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