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Re: Problems with EX 6200 after firmware upgrade


Problems with EX 6200 after firmware upgrade

I was very frustrated after I updated my EX 6200 with firmware version V1.0.3.68_1.1.104.

This is a rant, because I did finally get my system back to normal.


I think it is reasonable to expect that the update would restore all settings and connections from the initial set up.  But no, the status lights (apart from the ethernet connection) were all black.  I had to go back to square one.


After finding the instructions I finally got my computers back on the extender network, but the USB light was still black.  However, the port still seemed to work with my mass storage device and printer.

For the next day, the USB devices were disconnecting and being rediscovered every half hour or so.


Today, I could not print at all.  The Netgear USB control centre was loading and apparently connecting, the printer dialog popped up, but nothing happened.  Also, it looked like the two-way communication between the printer and computer was not working when it was trying to print, because I could not view the ink levels.  The ink levels were visible when not trying to print.


I tried reinstalling the ReadySharePrinter_setup_v1.36 from the previous download.  I got the option to repair or remove.  I Chose repair.  Rather than repairing, the program trashed the driver.  When running netgear control centre a dialog informed me that the "control center installation is incomplete" and to "please reinstall again". 

OK, then I decided to uninstall from the Control Panel - this was not possible because there was an error opening the installation log file.

Then I tried the uninstall.exe in the Netgear folder in program files (x86).  That would not run.

Then I tried the uninstall option from the start menu and it finally failed/paused looking for NuDrvInst64.exe (which I could see in its folder) but it finally went to completion.  Afterwards, there were still many references to the Netgear USB drivers in the registry.

After downloading a new copy of ReadySharePrinter_setup_v1.36 (which in fact was binary identical to my original) I was able to install and can now print (on one of my computers).  Yet to follow up on others.


Why did I update?  a) it is recommended; b) it may fix problems; c) I had some minor problems


Should I have had to recreate my extender network?

Should the USB devices constantly disappear and be rediscovered?

Should I have had to reinstall my USB control centre?

If so, the documentation should have told me.


I am using Win7 and Win8.1


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Re: Problems with EX 6200 after firmware upgrade

Hello Banmac


Typically yes you would want to keep your device up to date as firmware can fix issues but in some cases it can cause issues that were not caught during testing so the typical troubleshooting is sometimes to re setup the network. 



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Re: Problems with EX 6200 after firmware upgrade

I just updated the firmware to Version a few days ago and found an upleasent but different problem.  My wireless download speed dropped from about 58.xx Mbps to the 17-23 Mps range.  Each time I ran speed test I got a different download speed but never over 34 Mbps.


Originall I thought this was a service provider problem but noticed when I switched from the extender directly to my Nighawk R6700 the problem went away.  I'm guessing there are going to be alot of users who update the firmware and not notice the sever wireless speed reduction.


I loaded the previous firmware version which was and the problem went away.  I am now back to an averge of 58-59 Mbps on the EX-6200 extender.


I hope someone can pass this to tech support since normal users have no access once the free support period has passed. 

Model: EX6120|AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Problems with EX 6200 after firmware upgrade

I just bought my EX 6200 on July 6, 2016. I had problems from the beginning with the 2.4 Ghz losing connectivity. I could not take it it back to Best Buy, where I purchased the extender, as there was a 14 day return policy. I spent hours upon hours  on the phone with NEATGEAR tech support. The support team had me do various fixits, which didn't work. Today NEATGEAR finally agreed to send me a replacement. The last tech rep I spoke to admitted that when NEATGEAR sends out its extenders to retail companies, there can be a compromise to the hardware. I  will let you know how the replacement coming from NEATGEAR works out.

Model: EX6120|AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender
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