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Problems with connection to PR2000


Problems with connection to PR2000

Sorry to be just another "I'm having problems, please help me out" person, but I'm really hoping that someone could give me some advice. I've been having problems connecting my laptop to my PR2000 range extender. It's connected fine up until recently, but now it keeps randomly disconnecting for no apparent reason. The network name appears in the list, but when I try to connect I get the "windows was unable to connect to 'network'" message. When I troubleshoot the problem it tells me to reset the device, which I have tried to no avail. The computer will then eventually reconnect, though I don't know why.

I have also tried all the options listed here

A few things that may be affecting this:

I am extending the Wifi from another apartment, so placing the extender directly in between wasn't possible. It's closer to the router than it is to my computer (I have a 'fair' connection)

My computer is somewhat decrepit and I'm planning on getting a new one soon.

I hope I've included enough information for someone to be able to help out.
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Re: Problems with connection to PR2000

A few other things:
Sometimes when I try to diagnose the problem, it doesn't tell me to reset the device, but simply says "windows was unable to connect to the hidden network" what does hidden mean in this case?

Also, this may have started when I tried to change my password; the routerlogin page showed my new password, but when looking at the properties of my network it showed the original password. I changed it back to the original password as I wasn't sure what to do.

Thanks, and sorry for the vague information.
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Re: Problems with connection to PR2000

I'm facing connection issues with my Wifi router after resting. Please someone help me restart the WiFi?
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