Re: R7000 AP mode only?


R7000 AP mode only?

I live in an area where I cannot access ADSL so have 4G internet provided by Vividwireless. The modem (home gateway) is a combined modem/router/wifi device but the wifi component no longer meets my needs. I am considering a Netgear R7000 which I would connect to the home gateway to act as the wifi access point. I am told I must be able to set the device to do this.

I need the R7000 to provide wifi access as well as Ethernet for my NAS, PC and sonos system. Will this be possible? Do I connect the R7000 WAN port to an Ethernet port on the home gateway?

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Re: R7000 AP mode only?

The WAN can NOT be a LAN port on this model.

If you don't need router you may be best getting something like EX7000.

It can be used as an extender or AP only device and has 5 LAN ports and no WAN. Also cheaper.
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Re: R7000 AP mode only?

Do I connect the R7000 WAN port to an Ethernet port on the home gateway? Shona[/QUOTE] The r7000 should work fine as a AP in AP MODE. Connect a PC to r7000 1st using any LAN port, select AP MODE after setting SSID and Security. After it reboots in AP mode, connect WAN port to any LAN port on the gateway, .the gateway will hand out the IP's...... connect to the gateway to find the IP for the r7000, then you can use that IP to log in to GUI to make changes.
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