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RAX200 and EAX80 Wired Backhaul


RAX200 and EAX80 Wired Backhaul

I’ve had a RAX200 for the last year and worked great, but have a few black spots in my house for coverage.

I purchased the EAX80 with a few to extend my network. I have Ethernet available at the point I want to have this new extender.

Anyone set it up in this way? As there seems to be mixed reviews.

If not. Any alternatives which don’t include replacing the RAX200.

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Re: RAX200 and EAX80 Wired Backhaul

You can setup the extender hardwired in running in access point mode. It'll have a faster speed than if you use it in extender mode. 

the only downfall is that it disables the smart roaming features of the extender. devices will be a little stickier (wanting to stay connected to either router/extender based on their own roaming protocols) than otherwise. 

I've done it with an EX8000. It worked fine. 

And if it doesn't and how devices roam bother you, then set it up in extender mode and don't hardwire it it. Its got quite a bit of throughput with that router/extender combination. 

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