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Re: RAX40 with EAX20 no internet


RAX40 with EAX20 no internet

Once my EAX20 router is connected to the RAX40 router, I can connect to the wifi signal but have no internet.  The extender seems to block the internet.  Netgear has replaced both the router and extender in the past 3 weeks and still no difference.  If I plug into the router the internet works fine, but cannot get a wifi connection unless the extender is disconnected and the router is rebooted.  Please help because Technical support has not been able to assist.  All firmware is up to date according to the Nighthawk app.  

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Re: RAX40 with EAX20 no internet

On the phone with support and placed on hold.  Then when they came back they disconnected the call without saying anything.  Netgear's support is awlful.  

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Re: RAX40 with EAX20 no internet

What modem/gateway is the router connected to? 

The router works fine if the extender isn't connected?

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Re: RAX40 with EAX20 no internet

Yes the router worked fine without the extended plugged in.  Tech support finally solved the issue after 2.5 hours on the phone.  The firmware had to be downgraded.  Netgear needs to get this firmware issue resolved.  

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