RBR50 Causing Intermittent Internet Connections Constantly


RBR50 Causing Intermittent Internet Connections Constantly

I am very disappointed in the service that has been provided by Orbi Tech representative. I was told when I called on case number 44308180 that if I had any more issues with my Orbi which isn't 90 days old that I could get another Orbi since I have been having intermittent internet issues. I am constanly rebooting the router. Magenta color is solid on the router when it goes out on all devices. I've called Netgear support at least four times with the same issue. They troubleshoot and have me change the channels. I am tired of doing this because it has not fixed the issue. I've troubleshooted with my ISP and everything is up and running on their end. And my speeds have plummeted tremendously. I was given another case number that the representative said she had to enter because she was not able to go back in the case 44308224. Well I had some more issues with my internet going in and out constantly this weekend 3/21/21. I decided to call back on the case 44308224 and speak with tech support. Well they transferred me and the gentlemen with the ID 19820942 answered. I explained to him my situation about how I am frustrated with the device due to bad internet connections as well as I explained to him that I was told on the case that I would get a replacement device if I had to call in again about the same issue. I also explained to him that I'm done with troubleshooting and rebooting the device because it is the same thing. It works a little while then I have to call you all back to troubleshoot and change the channels and so forth. Well he told me no Orbi representative told me such thing and then he told me in a demanding way what I was going to do first and that was to let him troubleshoot the device. So, I told him first of all you are out of order telling me what I am going to let him do, so I asked to speak with his supervisor and he told me No! and that they have protocol and I was going to let him troubleshoot my device. So I told him I will call back and ask someone else for his supervisor. This is the funny part. I got off the phone with this representative and called the 1888 number back. When the representative answered the phone it was the same one who tried then giving me a different ID number 19947121. I told him I know who you are I just got off the phone with you. He did not ask to confirm who I was or anything. I don't know how professional Netgear is supposed to be but you all need a little more training. I am asking politely for another device since I was told this. My cases are on file. Please go back and look at it again. My device is under manufacture's warranty. The issue has not been resolved concerning intermittent internet connections. That speaks volumes concerning this product. I did not have this much issue with a cheap router. The device is not cheap, please resolve the issue is all I asking. I was told I would get another device and I am not accepting anything less.

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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