RBR50V2 - satellite add on


RBR50V2 - satellite add on

I originally purchased the RBR50V2 in November. It came with 1 satellite and the RBR40 voice - which was supposed to also act as a satellite - it didn’t and I can’t even talk about it 😬. Fast forward - I purchased another satellite this week (so now I’m almost $800 all in). I’ve had nothing but trouble since adding the satellite. The voice (non satellite) has been removed so is a non issue.

I’m running the router and 2 satellites. All have been installed / uninstalled and reinstalled countless times this week. M devices are connecting and some stay connected. Others don’t. I’m writing this while streaming the playoff game on my iPad - on cellular service...

My work laptop is dropping connection constantly. My tv is buffering. I have super fast internet over 480 mbps. Why would adding a satellite - the twin to the original satellite cause an issue? I have a 3,000 sf house and my orbi system covers 5,000 sf

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Re: RBR50V2 - satellite add on

You'd probably get more help in the orbi section and not the extender section.

Current Setup: CM2000-> RBK750-> GS716v2-> RAXE500-> Pi-hole->
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