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Radio Los 40 Principales


Radio Los 40 Principales

LOS40 is a musical radio network from Spain that features popular music from English, Spanish and Latin American countries. It broadcasts to several Spanish-speaking countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay and Mexico. Some of its stations are affiliated with local broadcasting companies. Some of its stations are owned by the Spanish media conglomerate Prisa Radio.

The radio station was founded in the 1960s in Madrid, Spain. It initially was a music show that was aired on Radio Madrid. It later grew into a standalone radio los 40 principales station in 1979. The station was originally part of the Cadena SER, a radio network owned by the PRISA group.

LOS40 is currently the most popular radio station in Spain and in most of the Spanish-speaking regions. It also has a large number of listeners in other countries. Its network is comprised of a variety of stations that feature pop, rock, pop-rock, reggaeton and some House music. It is considered as one of the largest musical radio networks in the world.

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