Range extender WN3000RPv3 connected, no internet

The extender (purchased in February 2019) was working fine until today (5/18/19) it was fine this afternoon, then when I got home tonight the router light was off and in being shown the attached screen when I try to log in.

Tried: resetting router; resetting factory settings (twice).

No matter what I've done in 2 hours, the extender won't connect to the internet.
Model: WN3000RPv3|N300 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Range extender WN3000RPv3 connected, no internet


The extender lost the connection back to the main router from what you're saying.  This could be from wireless interference, distance issues, home material issues, or a combination of these. Here's what I'd do.

1. reset it again so you know you're back at the start. (hold reset 7-10 seconds while powered on). Before you do this, update the firmware first if it isn't the most current. You'll want a factory reset afterward so its always best to update firmware-->factory reset. 

2. Move the extender to the room the router is in. Redo your setup. I'll link to the support page for your device with the setup instructions.

3. Once its setup again (if it is) you're going to want to optimize placement. This would be testing it with speed tests in several different locations. Don't just try 1 location. Hvac, foil insulation, and other materials means moving an extender a few feet to a different outlet or room can help speeds quite a bit. 

4. do a wireless scan with either a phone app or computer program to see what channels are being broadcast on. 2.4ghz can get a little congested but try to use 1-6-11 for best results. Use the scanner to determine which one is most optimal. Wireless interference can cause that lost connection.


did this work? if not, where did it fail? Are unable to see any wifi networks from main router, unable to connect to them, etc 


What firmware is the extender on?

What router is it connecting back to? Firmware on it?

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