Range extender compatibility?


Range extender compatibility?

I've been having an issue with connecting online with my Playstation 3. It will download stuff and either take forever or it will lose connection. I live in a long apartment so my computer where my router(WGR614v9) is on one end of the apartment and the PS3 on the other end. And the odd thing of it is, I have a laptop in the same room as the PS3 and never has any issues. So what could explain why one device picks up signal fine, but another one doesn't?

Is the WN3000RP range extender compatible with the router I have? Just trying to get the best for my money and doing this on a budget. Don't want to go overkill and get something I don't need for a high price.

I have a basic understanding of how the extender works but also had read some other stuff that confuses me.

I was told you plug it in where your current router is, set it up, then you move it where you want better signal and then your all set.

Another thing I read was that I should set it up, put the extender close to where I want better signal. Then run a CAT5 cable to my PS3. Well that seems to be a whole lot to do. I'm trying to avoid doing any wired connection.
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Re: Range extender compatibility?

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