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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Range extenders (EX3920 – AC750) - low, dropping out, slow WIFI signal


Range extenders (EX3920 – AC750) - low, dropping out, slow WIFI signal

We have a two room study space to the side of the house, and the router is in the main house, with high speed fibre broadband. We put the extender in the room nearest the main house to be closest to the router, but do most of the work in the second room further away from the main house.The wifi signal is only 1-2 bars on apple devices, and sometimes drops out completely the further away from the extender/router the device is. The TV too only plays a few seconds on anything running through the broadband, buffers for ages, stalls, and plays a few seconds more. Webpages take ages to load on a laptop and iphone.


Only 1 TV, 1 laptop and 1 phone running on the exact wifi network set up for the extender which has a subname of the main wifi.


Q: How can we improve all of this and stop the issues above?

Q: What lights and indicators should we see on the actual extender when it is working well? And what does an orange router light mean? And a red router light? And an orange device light mean? Occasionally the device light will go green but switches back to orange again randomly.

Q: Have we got the extender where it should be?

Q: If we have a second extender in the far room, would the first extender boost the signal to the second one, would that help?


Any help would be great, thanks!



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