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Reboot on device disconnect


Reboot on device disconnect

Hi ti everyone,
I have a problem with this my new netgrar pr2000, I use this to extend my home WiFi network with another name, with two lan devices attached and (minimum) my PC and smartphone via wireless. Everything is fine until I shutdown one of my WiFi device, example if i put in standby my notebook (connected via WiFi to the pr2000) after some seconds the trek restarts its self...I've tried "playing" with the advanced settings but nothing! I tried already to power the trek with USB and/or the AC but nothing. Firmware updated to the lasted one...
Someone can help me please?

Thank you
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Re: Reboot on device disconnect

I'm having the exact same problem. Sometimes it reboots when I connect a device, sometimes it reboots when i disonnect a device. I've already had Netgear RMA one device, and now the second device is doing the same exact thing literally right out of the box - absolutely no change to the default configuration. Anyone found a fix? I'm on the phone with Netgear support and they have no idea.

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Re: Reboot on device disconnect

Hi pumrum,


It looks like this issue has occurred before for other users.

If you have not already done so:

Please contact Support and provide them with your PR2000's config file so they can help troubleshoot.

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