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I currently have 100mbps internet speed, but I can only get that speed if I bypass my router and connect from the modem to computer directly. When I use my wireless router I only get 45 mbps, but the box says its capable of handling speeds up to 300 mbps. How can I get the full 100 mbps internet speed using my router?
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Re: Router Speed

Hi ,

I have the same problem !

I am using the WN1000 v3 as access Point.
My router from internet provider gives me 120 mps
When I am sitting next to my NetGear WN1000 v3 I only get 20 mps.
I've already configured the channel to 13, 40 Hz and oppted out on QoS
My Wireless Card is Intel(R) Centrino(R) Ultimate-N 6300 AGN ("802.11agn, 3x3, dual band delivers up to 450 Mbps and maximum range and reliability; 5 GHz boosts speeds and reduces congestion; energy efficient2 for greater mobility and convenience.")

How should I configure my WN1000 v3 to reach the speed closer to 120 mps ?

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