SSID not showing on AC1900 Extender


SSID not showing on AC1900 Extender

I connected the wifi extender to my router previously before and no issues. Then we had to get a new SSD with our wifi so the network changed, and now when I try to reconnect my netgear wifi extender to our new router network I'm having problems. There is no SSD/Wifi Network associated with my extender, and the app doesn't detect the product. 

Model: EX6400|AC1900 WiFi Mesh Extender Essentials Edition
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Re: SSID not showing on AC1900 Extender

Which version of the EX6400 do you have (there are 3)?

What firmware version is on it? 

What router are you connecting it to? 

Did you set it up using wps or using the installation assistant?


reason I ask, is the EX6400 is a mesh extender. If you set it up using its default configuration, it uses the same ssid as the router. 

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