Re: Should I upgrade from RBR40 to RBK852?


Should I upgrade from RBR40 to RBK852?

I'm trying to get Wi-Fi around my property. I currently have the RBR40 with 2 satellites and inside my house it's awesome. However, outside signal is not good in my opinion. I'm wondering if I should upgrade to the RBK852? The Barn is 100 feet from the a satellite inside the kitchen and the signal does not reach. I'm trying to get the signal to the barn so I can install a Wi-Fi camera.

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Re: Should I upgrade from RBR40 to RBK852?

Wireless AX didn't add much for distance. Reason why is the broadcast/receive power levels didn't change. For the devices that did get an improvement in speeds at a distance is just because of the increased efficiency. You'd do better to add something like the RBS50Y to broadcast outdoors. Still a bit doubtful if you'll get wifi in the bard because thats quite a bit of difference and exterior walls tend to block wifi the best. You might be better off to buy some underground rated ethernet wire and bury a cable. Then just add a satellite in the barn and hardwire it in. 

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